Installing dbForge Fusion for Oracle

This topic describes how to install dbForge Fusion for Oracle on Windows OS with the help of dbForge Fusion for Oracle Setup Wizard.

Before installation:

  • Make sure you have a compatible version of Microsoft Visual Studio installed. For more information, read the Compatibility topic.
  • If you have any other Fusion product installed, make sure its version coinside with the version of dbForge Fusion for Oracle.
  • Close Microsoft Visual Studio before installation.

To install dbForge Fusion for Oracle:

  1. Run dbforgeoraclevs.exe to begin installation.
  2. On the License Agreement page, if you agree to the Devart dbForge Fusion for Oracle License Agreement, select I accept the agreement, and click Next.
  3. On the Select Destination Location page, select the directory where dbForge Fusion for Oracle will be installed. To change the default directory, click Browse, and then click Next.
  4. On the Select Start Menu Folder page, select the directory to save the application shortcuts. The Start Menu folder is selected by default. To select a different folder, click Browse Optionally, you can select the Don’t create a Start Menu folder option, if you do not wish such folder to be created. Click Next.
  5. On the Install Products for Add-In page, select product or products which dbForge Fusion should be installed for. Click Next.
  6. Optionally, on the Merge Help Namespaces page, select a check-box, if you wish to merge help files at setup time. Click Next.
  7. On the Ready to Install page, the wizard shows the settings summary before installation. Click Install to continue with the installation, or Back to review or change any settings.
  8. Optionally, on the Installing page, you can interrupt the installation by clicking the Cancel button.
  9. On the final page, click Finish to exit the Setup wizard.