Database Links

Database links are pointers that define a one-way communication path from an Oracle Database server to another database server.

To create a database link, you must have the CREATE SESSION privilege on the remote database. You must also have CREATE DATABASE LINK privilege to create a database link and CREATE PUBLIC DATABASE LINK to create a public database link.

  1. On the Devart - Standard toolbar, click New Database Object.
  2. Select the Database Link type in the dialog.
  3. Input a database link name. If specified name is unique, the DbLink editor document will appear.
  4. Set connection details (service name and type of the link). For more information about database link types refer to Oracle documentation.
  5. Optionally select Public or Shared check boxes to create public or shared database link. For shared database link specify user name and password to use when connecting to the remote database. On the text view the password can be seen unencrypted. Note that only DBA can see whether the database link is shared after creation.
  6. Save the document

To delete a database link, right click a required link, and then click Delete in the shortcut menu.