Using Subpartition Template

In a composite-partitioned table a subpartition template can be used to simplify setting subpartitions for partitions. You can specify subpartition settings once for a template. These settings will be used when creating a partition without manually set subpartitions.

To create subpartition template right-click in the Partitions tree or click the Add button, and then select Add template from the shortcut menu. To remove the template, select it in the Partitions tree, and click the Remove button or right-click it in the Partitions tree, and select Remove from the shortcut menu.

To add subpartition to template or to remove it from template perform the same actions for adding or removing subpartitions from partitions, that are described in Adding and Removing Partitions and Subpartitions topic.

When using composite range-hash partitioning you can set only subpartitions count for template without adding each subpartition to template manually. To do it select template in the Partitions tree (it must have no manually set subpartitions) and type required value into Quantity of subpartitions box.