Setting Up Schema Comparison

Comparing Two Schemas

  1. Open the New Schema Comparison wizard by doing any of these actions:

    • Highlight two schemas in the Database Explorer window, holding the CTRL key, and select the New Schema Comparison option from the right-click menu.
    • On the Comparison menu, click New Schema Comparison.
    • Open a project and in the Solution Explorer window, right-click the top node of the project tree. Select the New Schema Comparison option from the menu.

    Schema Compare wizard

  2. Click the Type fields and select what you are going to compare (two databases, or a database and a snapshot, or two revisions in your version control system) from the drop-down lists.
  3. In the Connection fields, type or select the names of Oracle Server(s) connections required for comparison.


    • If no connections are found, click the New button to create new ones.
    • You can edit the selected Source and Target connections by clicking the Edit buttons.
    • In the drop-down lists of the Connection fields you can click the Manageā€¦ link to open the Connection Manager dialog box. It will help you to create, edit, and delete database connections.)
  4. In the Schema Mapping grid, specify the required objects mapping.
  5. (Optional) If you want to ignore some schema options during comparison, go to the Options wizard page.
  6. Click the Compare button to close the wizard and start the comparison.


  • To save your time while selecting Source and Target databases, you can copy the details from one side of the wizard to the other by clicking the Copy buttons: - to copy Source database details, - to copy Target database details
  • To swap the Source and Target databases, click the swap_button Swap button.
  • To close the wizard and cancel the comparison, click the Cancel button.