Object Tables

Object table is a table having rows of objects. Each column in a row corresponds to an attribute of the object type. Object table structure is defined with object type and cannot be modified. You can only add, modify or remove constraints and indexes to it and change its storage options.

dbForge Fusion allows you to create, modify, and drop object tables, retrieve their data.

Creating an Object Table

  1. Click the New Database Object button on the Devart - Standard toolbar.
  2. Select the Object Table type in the dialog.
  3. Input a table name.
  4. Click Create and, if specified name is unique, the table editor will appear.
  5. Select an initial object name, and a schema.
  6. Add required columns.
  7. Save the document.

To drop a table, select a required one, and then select Delete, from the shortcut menu.


While dropping a table, all its data will be lost.