Back up a Database

In this example we will create the HR database backup.

To backup the database:

  1. On the Fusion menu, point to Oracle, and then select Schema Export. The Schema Export Wizard opens.
  2. Select a connection or click Manageā€¦ in the Connection list, and then click New, to create a new connection.
  3. Once the connection is established, select a database you want to backup in the Schema list.
  4. Specify a folder path to store backups in the Path text box.
  5. Specify an output file name in the Output file name text box.
  6. (Optional) You can setup some optional settings such as: Append timestamp to the file name, Auto delete old files, Use compression (ZIP), etc.

    General Schema Export Wizard

  7. Click Next.
  8. Select database objects to export. Click Next.
  9. Specify detailed options on how schema export should be performed. Click Next.
  10. Select the Write a report to a log file check box to save the backup process information to a log file. Enter the path where to store the file, for instance: C:\Users\Documents\Export\SchemaExport.log
  11. Click Export.
  12. As soon as the export process is finished, click Save Project.

A project file contains all the information that you have entered while walkthrough the wizard pages.