Creating Static Report

This topic will guide you through the process of creating a simple report with dbForge Fusion. You will learn how to create an empty report, add static text to the report, and preview it.

  1. Open dbForge Fusion.

  2. On the Fusion, then select Blank Data Report. In the document area designer for the newly created report will be shown:

    Blank Data Report

  3. To proceed with report creation, open the Toolbox window by clicking the toolbox-icon icon on the Devart - Data Report toolbar.


  4. In the Toolbox window, select the Label control and drop it onto the Detail Band of the report.

  5. Double-click the created label to invoke its in-place editor, which allows you to input text. For example, type the classic “Hello, World!” statement. Then use the Devart - Data Report toolbar to adjust the label color and font options:

    Data Report Tool box

  6. Now switch to the Preview tab.

    Preview Tab

The steps above demonstrate the basics of building and previewing reports.

Proceed to the Creating Simple Data-Aware Report topic to learn how to bind a report to data.