SQL Server Report Designer overview

dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server has a powerful Report Designer tool for efficient data visualization in the form of reports. With dbForge Query Builder, you can cut down the process of generating and managing reports to several clicks, thus, making your work more productive and less time- and resource-consuming.

What is Report Designer

Report Designer is an advanced data reporting and analysis tool to visually generate and handle SQL customizable data reports using a wide range of formatting, data, structure, and reporting options in an intuitive interface. Data reports consist of blocks represented by different types of data, such as text, image, checkbox, label, table, chart, pivot table, etc. With the tool, you can create static, data-aware, or master-detail reports, calculate summarized pivot tables, export or save them to multiple file formats, as well as automate the report generation using the command-line interface.

Generating data reports in dbForge Query Builder for SQL Server

dbForge Query Builder provides the fully-functional Report Designer along with the Data Report Wizard having the following features to create data reports:

  • Binding Report to Data: Select a data source, such as text, image, checkbox, label, table, chart, pivot table, etc., and bind it to a report.

Binding Report to Data

  • Custom Query: Upload an existing query or create a new one to use it in a report.

Custom Query

  • Relations Editor: Create, change, and remove relations between tables and/or views, and queries.

Relations Editor

  • Parameterized Queries: Support for parameterized queries with the possibility to edit, add, and remove parameters and their properties in the Parameter Editor.

Parameterized Queries

  • Easy Data Source List Population: Generate reports with different data sources using the drag’n’drop feature, the dialog for adding tables and/or views, or running a custom query.

Easy Data Source List Population

  • Mail Merge: Insert a data field name in brackets into the controls’ text. Upon creating the document, the fields will be populated from the selected data source.

Mail Merge

  • Data Filtering: Filter data at different levels, including data adapter, data set, or data view.

Data Filtering

Data Grouping

  • Set of Controls: Use a wide range of available controls to display various kinds of information in a report.

Set of Controls

Chart Control

Enhanced RichText Control

Large Number of Band Types

  • Master-Detail Reports: Create master-detail reports quickly and easily by editing relations between data tables.

Master-Detail Reports

  • Data Source: Drag fields from the Data Source window and drop them onto the designer area to create controls that will be automatically bound to an appropriate field.

Data Source

Report structure as a tree of hierarchical elements

Report Designer Toolbar

  • Event Support: Create event handlers at the Report, Band, and even Control levels.

Event Support

  • Advanced Styles: Control the layout and look of the report in the Styles Editor. Styles can be applied conditionally to reflect certain states.

Advanced Styles

  • In-Place Editing: Change the text properties of controls (label, RichText, TableCell) using in-place editing.

In-Place Editing

  • Wide Range of Exporting Formats: Export report documents to different formats like PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, TXT, CSV, and MS Excel. Also, a report can be exported to the image file formats such as BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, WMF.

Wide Range of Exporting Formats

  • Save and Load Report Definitions: Save and load report definitions.


  • Scripting: Use C#, Visual Basic .NET, and JScript .NET scripts in reports.


  • Watermarks: Add a watermark to all or specified report pages.


Search in Preview

  • Report Wizard: Create a custom report using the Report Wizard settings.

Report Wizard

  • Measurement: Support for imperial (inches) and metric (centimeters) units of measurement.


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