Synchronizing Two Schemas Quickly

This topic explains how to perform a simple database schema comparison and synchronization.

Comparing Schemas

  1. Click New Schema Comparison in the Database Design section of Start Page. The Schema Comparison wizard opens.

  2. Select the Source and Target connections.


You can edit selected connections or create a new one by either clicking the Edit button or the New button.

To quickly compare schemas, you can click the Compare button immediately after setting databases and skip step 3.

  1. To adjust comparison process, set the comparison options.

Synchronizing Schemas

  1. Analyze comparison results and select the database objects you want to synchronize by selecting the corresponding check boxes.

  2. Select the data to synchronize in the grid with comparison results.


    To do this, select check boxes next to the tables (or views) in the top grid. You may also select check boxes next to the individual records on the Only in Source, Only in Target, and Different Records tabs of the bottom grid.

  3. Click the Synchronize button on the Comparison toolbar to open the Schema Synchronization wizard.

  4. Select where to display the synchronization script in the wizard and click the Synchronize button.