Saving and Loading Schema Comparison

You can save the Schema Comparison document (the one that opens after comparison to show comparison results) for the future usage. The saved file has the .scomp extension and stores schema comparison information, including:

  • Source and target settings
  • Selected values for comparison options

  • Object filters
  • Selected values for synchronization options
  • Schema mapping settings

It does not contain schema comparison results or object DDL. When the file is opened, schemas are recompared. If target or source schemas can not be found, the New Schema Comparison dialog appears, where you should set source or target options.

Saving Schema Comparison Document

To save:

  • In the File menu, click Save (or Save As)
  • Right-click the title of the document and select Save from the menu
  • Click the Save Save button on the toolbar

Opening Schema Comparison Document

  • Drag it to the dbForge Schema Compare for SQL Server UI
  • Use the Open File button on the Standard toolbar.