Email Notifications

Email Notifications Set Up

To receive email notifications, a user must specify an email address. The email address identifies an email box to which email messages are delivered. To do this:

  1. Click the Options button on the Code Review Board.

  2. Go to the Users tab.

  3. In the Email text box, enter the email address.

  4. Configure Email notifications as required.

  5. Click Apply.

Email Server Settings

To configure email server settings you need to modify the settings.xml file. For more information, please see Editing Server Settings.

For detailed instructions on setting up Gmail notification, please see Configuring Gmail Connection.

Working with Email Notifications

Email notifications let people stay up to date on the review process via email. When a user enables email notifications, they’ll get email messages each time someone posts a new comment on the review or adds new files. Email notifications are delivered automatically.

An email notification contains the information about changes within a review, and also a review URI. For more information about the review URI, please see Working with Review Links. By clicking a review URI inside a notification, you can navigate to a specific review with updates.

Replying notification emails.

Email notification(s) should not be replied to.

What if the emails are not getting through?

If you’re not receiving notification emails:

  • First check to make sure you are the participant on the review where the comments or new revisions are getting added.
  • Check the settings. Go to the Users tab of the Review Assistant options to make sure you are indicated the email address.
  • Check the spam/junk folder in your email program to make sure the messages weren’t filed there by mistake.

Notifications Filtering

You can use filters to manage the flow of incoming notifications. Please visit links below to read more about incoming mail filtering for different mail clients.



Windows Outlook