Setting Up Integration with File Diff Tool

Code Compare is set as default diff tool to display file differences by displaying the two files in two columns, side by side. However, Review Assistant also supports integration with native Visual Studio diff utilities, and third-party diff tools. Thus, you can use a diff tool that is convenient for you.

Setting up Integration with Code Compare and Version Control Systems

By default, Review Assistant outputs the differences between two files, shows attached comments, and allows to add a new ones. However, it works only if you open a comparison using the Code Review Board window.

You can also open files for comparison directly from a version control system client. In this case you need to set up integration between Code Compare and version control system.

Please follow the links to find out more about how to setup version control system clients:

Note: There are some operating issues concerned with Tortoise SVN up to v1.7.11.23600. The problem should be fixed in the next release of the Tortoise SVN

Other Diff Tool Setup

In order to setup other diff tool:

  1. Go to the Options tab.

  2. Click Other Diff Tool.

  3. Specify the path to the folder with the binary file.

  4. Specify the command line arguments (You can find the command line arguments in a technical documentation supplied with a diff tool). You can leave this field empty; in this case the program will be given only two files to compare.

  5. Click Apply.

Note: While using a third-party diff tool you lose the main advantages being provided by Code Compare:

  • the Add Review Comment option will be not available from the context menu
  • the code-related comments will not display