Completing Review

In case multiple reviewers take part in the code review process, each of them can add comments to a review. The author will see the review status as Under Review until every reviewer accepts the author’s work. If you act as a reviewer you will not be able to add comments to the review after clicking Accept Changes, however there is an option to restart the review and then add new comments.

Once you have added comments to the review and have nothing else to add, the next step is to complete your personal review. There are two outcomes, either accept or reject changes. Both of them will lead to the completing of the review process, however there is a difference between these actions.

The reviewer can accept changes in case they didn’t find any serious bugs or incorrect logic in code. By doing so, however, the reviewer may leave a comment with remarks or recommendations.

The reviewer should reject changes in case they found a bug in code. Herewith, the reviewer should leave a comment that describes the bug, and also mark this comment as defect.

Completing the review process

To complete your part of review, click Complete Review, and then click Accept changes.


Other reviewers can still continue to add their comments until the moderator closes the review.

Resuming the review process

A reviewer can resume the review process. This may be useful when the reviewer has completed the review process, and after a while would like to proceed with the code review process.

To resume the code review, click Resume Review.