Working with Review Links

A review link is the local URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) — a string of characters used to identify a review or a comment.

Review links allow users to navigate to a specific review or comment not from Visual Studio environment. For example, a user can receive an email notification that contains a review link. By clicking the review link the user will be navigated to the specific review, even if Visual Studio is not running, the new instance will be started. It is also possible to send a review link via chat (instant messenger), to refer your colleague to a specific review.

To get the review or comment link:

  1. Right-click a required review or comment.

  2. Click Copy link address.

Then you can send this link to your colleague via email or an instant messenger. As soon as another user copies this link (from everywhere) to the clipboard, Visual Studio (if running) shows a notification that the review link is currently in the clipboard. Following the link the user can open the review.

Clipboard message