Filtering and Searching

Review Assistant provides several ways to find reviews and comments. There isn’t one best way to search — you can use different methods for different situations.

Filtering Reviews

Review Assistant allows you to filter the list of reviews in such a way that you see only those you need. The following filters are available:

  • My reviews — displays open reviews where a user is a participant.
  • To review — displays reviews where the user is assigned as a reviewer and has not finished the review process yet.
  • Rework needed — displays to the author the reviews where the work was rejected and corrections are necessary.
  • To close — displays to the moderator a list of completed but not yet closed reviews.
  • Finished reviews — displays completed reviews to authors and reviewers.
  • All reviews — displays all open reviews.
  • All Archive — displays all closed reviews.
  • Archive (recent) — displays the revisions that were closed in the last two weeks or 25 recently closed reviews.
  • My archive — displays closed reviews in which the user participated.

Filtering Comments

Comment filtering allows a reviewer to display only the comments on currently opened document. Click the Show Comments For Current Document Only button.

Searching for Specific Review or Comments

When you need to find something fast, you can use the Search Box.

To find an item:

  1. In the Search Box, type a key word or phrase you are looking for.

  2. As you type, items matching the search query will appear automatically.

Specificity of the search mechanism is that it performed taking into account currently applied filter. For instance, if you are looking for an opened review or comment and your current filter is set to Archive or Review Complete, you do not get the search results.

The search is performed in the following fields:

  • ID — provided that an integer value is entered into the search box.
  • Title and Description — you can type a keyword that is a part of review or comment title or description.
  • User name — provided that a user is a participant of the review or comment that you are looking for.
  • File name — name of the file under review.

For your convenience, the search filter will display the number of a review comments that match the search criteria.