How to change shape sizes

To change shape size, select it and drag the square resize markers at the shape sides and corners. To fit shape size to grid, select it and click the Size to Grid button on the Layout toolbar or select Size to Grid from the Make Same Size submenu of the Layout menu. Shapes have minimal and maximal height and width. Minimal width and height are constant. Maximal width depends on the length of the name of the longest column in a table shape. Maximal height depends on the table shape column count.

You can also fit the same size for multiple shapes. To do this, select the shapes and click the Make Same Width or Make Same Height buttons on the Layout toolbar. You may also use corresponding items of the Make Same Size submenu of the Layout menu. When using this feature, the size of the selected shapes will be aligned with the size of primary selection.


A primary selection is one of the selected shapes. Its resize markers are blue, while resize markers of other selected shapes are black. If a selected shape cannot have the same size as the primary selection, its size will be changed to become as close to the primary selection size as possible.