Viewing and Editing Table Data

dbForge Studio allows you to quickly retrieve data from a table and edit it using a grid-based editor. All SQL queries needed to accomplish these tasks are performed automatically. Moreover, data returned by SELECT queries can be edited in same way with the same comfort.

To retrieve all data from a table, do either of these ways:

  1. In Database Explorer, right-click a table, and then click Retrieve Data on the shortcut menu. A new document appears with a grid and table data in it. Now you can edit any cell of the grid simply by clicking on it and typing new values. Changes apply to the table once you press ENTER. Note, retrieving data is asynchronous, so it does not prevent you from doing other tasks while a large bulk of data is being retrieved.

    retrieve all data

  2. Open the table in the editor and switch to the Data tab.
  3. Right-click the table, and then click Show Details on the shortcut menu. The Object Viewer window opens. In this window, switch to the Data tab.

    Object Viewer

  4. Double-click the table to open Table editor and switch to the Data tab.

    Data Tab

To empty the table, i.e., remove all data but retain the table structure, click Truncate Table on the table’s shortcut menu.

To edit data in the table, make it editable, chose the table in the Table combobox on the viewer toolbar.