Undoing Changes

This topic explains how to undo database object changes that are not committed to source control yet.

To undo changes:

  1. In Database Explorer, right-click a linked database or a specific database object.
  2. Point to Source Control Tasks, and then click Show Source Control Manager on the shortcut menu.

    Source Control Manager Shortcut

    Source Control Manager opens.

  3. Navigate to the Local changes section of the document.
  4. Select the files with changes you want to undo.
  5. Click the Undo button.

    Undoing Chnages

  6. Click OK to complete the undo operation.

    Undo Results

Database changes you cannot undo

Please note that you cannot undo the following database changes:

  • Committed changes.
  • Dropped data (dropped columns and tables cannot be restored with the Undo operation).
  • Not Null columns (dropped Not Null columns with data cannot be restored with the Undo operation unless the columns have default values).