Generating DDL Statements for Schema Objects

dbForge Studio for Oracle allows you to generate DDL statements for schema objects, such as: tables, views, synonyms, sequences, packages, materialized views and materialized view logs, stored procedures and functions, triggers and user types. Using this feature you can make scripts for recreating schema objects or object groups.

Generating DDL Script

  1. On the Database menu, and then click Generate Schema Script.
  2. Check schema objects for DDL script generation. (If you run the wizard on the shortcut menu of the single object node, this step will be skipped. You can return to it by clicking the Back button on the Script Generation Options page).
  3. Click Next if the Script Generation Options page was not turned off and go to step 4, otherwise, go to step 5.
  4. Select DDL generation options you want to tweak. You can set default values of these options in the Options dialog box.
  5. Click Generate.

You can turn off Generate Schema Script Wizard appearing when generating the DDL statement for the single object.