Clustered Tables

Clustered tables which belong to the same cluster store their data rows, having the same cluster key values together. Storage options of clustered table are defined by cluster, so you cannot modify them. Disc I/O is reduced and access time is improved for joins of clustered tables.

Creating a Clustered Table

  1. Click the New Database Object button on the Standard toolbar, and specify an object.
  2. Select the Table type in the dialog.
  3. Input the table name.
  4. Click Create. If specified table name is unique, the table editor appears.
  5. Add columns to the table.
  6. Optionally, you can alter the table name, change the database (owner), or set comment for the table.
  7. Click Clustered.
  8. Go to the Cluster tab.
  9. Select a schema and a cluster name that will contain the table.
  10. Select table columns that correspond to the cluster columns. You can select Create new column, and the required column will be created automatically.
  11. Save the document.

To drop a clustered table, select a required table, and then select Delete on the shortcut menu.


While dropping a table, all its data will be lost.