Creating XML Schema

Creating an XML Schema

  1. In the Database Explorer window, right-click the XML Schemas folder, and then click New XML Schema on the shortcut menu.


    If there is no such menu command, this instance of the Oracle server does not support XML objects, and you can not create XML schema on it.

  2. Specify the owner of the XML schema.
  3. Specify if the schema should be loaded from the file or from the URL and provide the source name. You can choose the Specify Text option to put XML text manually without loading it from any source. If the Public option is selected the object will be available out of the other schemas.
  4. Go to the Advanced tab, and set the options for the schema generation.
  5. Save the document to have the XML Schema created. You can switch to the Text view to inspect generated SQL query.

To view XML schema properties, in the Database Explorer window, expand the XML Schemas folder, right-click a required object, and then click View properties on the shortcut menu.


It is not allowable to edit stored XML schemas.