Filtering Schema Objects

With dbForge Studio for Oracle you can create a filter for schema objects in accordance with a certain criteria.

Creating a Filter

  1. To create a filter for a schema category (for example, Tables), right-click on its node and select Filter on the shortcut menu. Alternatively, select an object category node and click Filter on the Database Explorer toolbar.

  2. In the Filter Settings dialog box, specify parameters for a filter in Criteria:
    • In the Property column, select the required property (Name, Schema or Owner).
    • In the Operator column, select the matching type of the filter syntax (Equals, Not Equals, Contains, Starts With, Ends th).
    • In the Pattern column, enter the full or partial syntax of the property or properties you want to apply to a filter.
  3. Check All or Any to make a filtered object comply with all or any criteria.
  4. Click OK.

When a filter is applied to a certain database object category, it is labeled as (filtered).

Deleting a Filter

To delete a filter, right-click an object category node and select Clear Filter on the shortcut menu.