What’s New in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v7.4

SQL Document

  • New Transaction Reminder implemented

  • New Execution notifications implemented
  • Color effect of the current line

Code Completion

  • Code folding for BEGIN ... END for IF

  • Prompting Percona Server variables (CL, QI and Parameter Info)
  • Prompting MySQL Server variables
  • Prompting variables for MariaDB Server
  • Prompting Optimizer Hints
  • Prompting Geographic Functions
  • Prompting Extended JSON Functions
  • Prompting values for TABLE_TYPE
  • Prompting Multiple-Clustering-Indexes for TokuDB Engine
  • Prompting Cast(... AS JSON)
  • Prompting CHANGE MASTER TO
  • Prompting ALTER INSTANCE
  • Prompting CONNECT Zipped File Tables
  • Prompting SHOW CREATE USER
  • Prompting RESET MASTER
  • Prompting Spatial Reference systems
  • Prompting Compound statements outside of stored programs
  • Prompting SET DEFAULT ROLE ... FOR
  • Prompting VIR virtual table type for CONNECT engine
  • Prompting SET ROLE
  • Prompting CONNECT engine
  • Prompting SPIDER ENGINE
  • Prompting RELEASE_ALL_LOCKS() and ANY_VALUE()
  • Prompting CREATE TABLE
  • Prompting Ngram and mecab Full-Text Parser

Query Builder

  • New aggregates functions added

  • Design of WHERE clause improved

Data Viewer

  • Spatial Viewer improved

  • Data Types in the Data Editor column headers corrected

Data Export and Import

  • Export to Google Sheets and Import from Google Sheets implemented

  • Data Export to SQL with Bulk option added

Schema Compare

  • New Schema Comparison and Synchronization Engine implemented

  • Formatting of object DDLs in the Diff view the Schema Comparison document implemented
  • New Schema Comparison Options added:
    • Associate column names having similar name options

    • Ignore case in objects names
    • Ignore spaces in objects names
    • Disable dependency analysis
    • Ignore collations
    • Ignore datatypes in column
    • Ignore permissions
    • Ignore Triggers
    • Ignore firing order for triggers
    • Ignore check constraints
    • Ignore column order in indexes
    • Ignore constraint names
    • Ignore foreign keys actions ON UPDATE and ON DELETE
    • Ignore indexes
    • Ignore fulltext Indexes
    • Ignore spatial Indexes
    • Ignore index names
    • Ignore primary keys
    • Ignore triggers present only in Target
    • Ignore indexes present only in Target
    • Ignore comments
    • Ignore column default values
    • Ignore NOT NULL constraints
    • Ignore COMMENT objects
    • Always exclude newly added objects
    • Ignore partitions
  • Schema Synchronization Wizard redesigned
  • New Schema Synchronization options added:

    • Include USE database name

    • Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER for tables
    • Use DROP and CREATE instead of ALTER for views, procedures, functions
    • Exclude comments
    • Check For Object Existence
  • New comparison and synchronization progress improved

Data Comparison

  • New Data Comparison options added:
    • Column synchronization without comparison

    • Data Tolerance comparison

  • New Data Synchronization Options added:
  • Include USE database name
  • Check for the concurrency updates
  • Disable check constraints
  • New comparison and synchronization progress improved

Data Generator

  • New Data Population options added:

    • Include USE database name
    • Disable check constraints

Copy Databases

  • Finished Copying Notification implemented

  • Command-Line Interface implemented

Other Improvements

  • Product Update Manager improved
  • Digital signature for the installation file

  • Support for SHA256 Authentication when connecting to MySQL