What’s New in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v3.6

Unlimited database connectivity

It is good news for web developers working with remote databases, as employment of remote connections becomes as simple as local ones. dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.60 offers totally redesigned HTTP tunneling with simple tunneling script uploading to the web site. No need to be limited by slow and inconvenient phpMyAdmin. To provide more flexibility while using SSH connection, public key authentication is supported.

Higher performance on large databases

Having passed multiple performance tests on large databases with all database objects, including hundreds of tables, thousands of records, possessing various data types, dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.60 proved marked performance improvement as compared with the previous version and beneficial leading among competitive programs.

The results of performance tests show that dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.60 combines high performance with accuracy and correctness to ensure high quality and efficient database management.

One more improvement is asynchronous execution of stored procedure. It is a great benefit when working with slow procedures.

Optimized database connectivity

In contrast to the prior version dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.60 reduced network traffic up to several times for performing such common tasks:

  • Opening connections
  • Managing database objects
  • Performing schema and data export
  • Retrieving data from tables
  • Executing procedures or stopping the execution

This optimization makes possible to use dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.60 in cases of traffic limitations.

As database industry matures and the competitive fast-paced business environment encourages cost reducing, dbForge Studio stays ahead putting the power of modern as well as efficient database management tools into the hands of database professionals to make the most of modern databases.