What’s New in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v6.0

Database refactoring

This feature allows renaming objects in a database and automatically updates links to these objects in the whole database.

  • Preview of changes in the database with possibility to cancel them selectively is supported
  • Possibility to generate refactoring script of a database without changing it is supported
  • Refactoring feature can be accessed from Database Explorer and object editors
  • Possibility to rename several columns from object editor
  • If an error in processing dependencies is encountered, a user can fix it manually

Query builder with support of DML statements and usability improvements

  • Visual building of INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements is supported
  • Conversion of SELECT queries into INSERT statements is supported
  • One-click conversion of SELECT query into UPDATE or DELETE with saving of WHERE condition is supported
  • Execution of separate subqueries to check their correctness without leaving diagram interface
  • Usability of visual expression editor is improved
  • Query type is indicated on the diagram surface

Data export to SQL statements

  • Data export to INSERT, UPDATE, and MERGE statements is supported
  • Ability to export query results as well as data directly from a table is supported
  • Quick generation of INSERT statements from data grid without opening wizard is supported

Improved database object editors

  • Editable column grid in the table editor now allows adding and editing columns without opening the pop-up dialog
  • Full-text search in the column grid in the table editor is added
  • Schema changes can now be viewed before updating database
  • Editor layout was revised, and now it allows viewing designer and table SQL simultaneously
  • F7 shortcut can now be used to toggle all editor views
  • Stored procedure editor Design tab is redesigned
  • Heuristics is supported: data type of the new column is suggested basing on the column name. For example, for Customer_ID column Integer data type will be suggested

New features in the data comparison tool

  • New data comparison reports now contain table data (not just a summary)
  • Comparison of custom query results (along with tables and views) is added
  • “One-to-many” objects mapping when addressing columns that were separated as a table in the target database is added
  • Possibility to include objects into comparison by mask, which is useful when comparing groups of tables is implemented
  • Options on the data comparison document bottom toolbar are extended. The navigation, search, visible columns, and hide unmodified columns options are added
  • Analysis of comparison results is improved: ‘Hide unmodified columns’ option, per-column difference counters are added

Improved code completion

  • Column picker feature allows selecting multiple column suggestions from drop-down list
  • Asterisk expansion in SELECT statements is added
  • Context-specific suggestions is improved
  • Quick object information is improved
  • JOIN clause autogeneration is added
  • Autogeneration of table aliases is added
  • Sorting suggested keywords by relevance is added
  • Highlighting occurrences of an identifier in SQL document is added
  • Performance of describing objects’ metadata is improved

Automated data report delivery

This feature enables users to set an automatic data report generation and delivery to the requested destination.

Setup of report’s generation and delivery can be executed through the command line, providing an opportunity to use Windows scheduler for regular report generation:

  • Users can choose the format for report generation
  • Users can choose “Report delivery” method: e-mail, ftp, shared folder

Code Snippets Manager

Code Templates feature is now renamed to Code Snippets and extended with the Snippets Manager window for adding and editing SQL templates.

Improved code formatter

  • Format profiles are supported
  • Formatting options are extended
  • Preview window for viewing formatted code with support of code highlighting and editing is added
  • Search of options by name is added

New window docking system

  • Switching between tool windows on CTRL+TAB is supported

Minor features

  • When multiple SELECT statements are executed, query results are now shown in separate tabs
  • If there is more than one SELECT statement in a document, query results are now displayed on separate tabs in the Data window after execution
  • Support of MySQL pluggable authentication on creating a connection to MySQL server is added
  • Support of Windows authentication on creating a connection to MySQL server
  • F5 shortcut now works for execution of a selected SQL fragment as well as for the entire script
  • Export of connection list from the application together with other settings is supported
  • Print setup for master-detail browser is supported
  • New skins added (Metropolis, Windows 7 and VS2010)