What’s New in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v5.0

Support for MySQL server 5.5

Our product is fully compatible with MySQL server version 5.5

  • New features were added and obsolete clauses removed in the Syntax check functionality
  • New encodings were added to the encoding list in the Connection Properties dialog
  • New kinds of partitioning are supported in the table editor

Master-Detail Browser

Explore and analyze master-detail data in a convenient browser with the following features:

  • Design view allows building relations between tables with setting where condition and fetch limit, choosing fields for output, and sorting them by default
  • Data of the parent table/view is shown in the upper part of the Data view to allow analyzing data of child tables/views without extra navigation.
  • The document allows saving and loading data and diagram for future use
  • Sorting and filtering data in the Data view
  • Ability to analyze self-referencing tables

Object dependency tree - unique feature

Easily explore object’s references and dependants in Database Explorer. Compilation of dependants for debugging is now also available through the object’s shortcut menu.

Enhanced Data Editor

Newly added features and a few totally redesigned ones provide even more freedom when working with data.

  • Foreign Key lookup editor added
  • Server-side sorting and filtering implemented to avoid retrieving all data from the table and enhance work in Paginal Mode
  • Few indications added to inform user about Data Editor’s state
  • Editing of tables in join statements is enabled now
  • Option for numbering records added
  • Copy data with header functionality added
  • Ability to build graphical representation of your data with fully functional wizard added

Improved Security Manager

  • Ability to edit permissions for several users added
  • Virtual roles for users were added to allow granting a definite set of permissions to selected users
  • Grouping by hosts in the users list tree added
  • Editing users and working with Security Manager window simplified

Data Export and Import improvements

  • Ability to export data from several tables at once added
  • Exporting data from command line added
  • Importing data from command line added

Object Viewer - a simple way to view object’s details

Object Viewer (formerly known as Summary Window) was totally redesigned to provide an easier way for analyzing objects and their structure:

  • There are three views to display properties, DDL (text), and data of the selected object
  • Inner navigation through object hierarchy
  • History with previously viewed objects
  • More information about each object is displayed in the Properties view now

Brand new start page

New functional start page providing the easiest way to learn the product’s features and to run the most frequently used ones added.

New state-of-the-art skins

Four new UI skins added to improve the application appearance.

Other improvements

  • Ability to view internal SQL queries that are sent to the server with parameter’s values added
  • Few UI improvements in Database Explorer were made
  • Options to ignore clauses during the comparison of events added to the Schema Comparison wizard
  • Highlighting of differences on comparing SQL profiling results added
  • More informative progress during Schema and Data comparison