What’s New in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v6.3

SQL Editing and Execution

  • Command-line interface for SQL formatting
  • Query execution pane
  • Option to change a snippets folder location
  • Phrase completion
  • Extended support of MySQL 5.7 in Code Completion
  • Option to set files encoding within the /execute command-line operation

Database Explorer

  • Alternative ways to create a new object
  • Sending objects to a database diagram
  • Displaying the objects number

Schema Comparison and Sync

  • Selecting object types for comparison

Data Comparison and Sync

  • Option to ignore differences in characters that signify the end of line
  • Show white spaces option
  • Ignore computed columns option
  • Setting up the limit size of bulk during synchronization

Data Export and Import

  • Export to the Excel 2007 (XLSX) format
  • Retaining records filtering when the Export Selected Rows Only option is selected
  • Export of BLOB fields as TEXT to Excel, TXT, HTML, PDF, RTF, and CSV formats
  • Export to Excel, RTF, PDF with/without a header
  • Force quotes option when exporting data to a CSV file
  • Option to select encoding when exporting to DBF
  • Import of dynamic values from Excel and Excel 2007
  • Detecting column types when importing data from the CSV format

Data Report

  • Support of report parameters in the command-line interface

Data Editor

  • Easy way to hide data results
  • Data Viewer and LOB Editor are combined in a single control
  • Redirect Data to Output is transformed into additional data editor

Database Restore

  • Option to set files encoding within the /restore command-line operation


  • Support of multiple monitors
  • Modeless Data Report Wizard windows

Other Features and Improvements

  • Enhanced Find and Replace window