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    Getting Started
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    LinqConnect is a fast and easy to use ORM solution, developed closely to the Microsoft LINQ to SQL technology, and having its own powerful model designer tool - Entity Developer.

    This section helps you to get started with LinqConnect. It describes creating a simple console application, using LinqConnect. We will create a LinqConnect model with two entities with an association between them, corresponding to the Company and Order tables from the sample CRM_DEMO database, which is supplied with our Demos. At first, you will learn how to create code for the LinqConnect model in two ways: with Entity Developer and manually. Then we will show how to use LinqConnect for getting data and creating and modifying entities. And there are some walkthroughs on creating specific application kinds with LinqConnect.

    Code examples in this help are created for Oracle database. Code for other database servers will differ just in database-specific types and case of the entity and column names.

    Using Entity Developer

    Describes how to create a LinqConnect model and generate code for it with Entity Developer.

    Creating LinqConnect Classes Manually

    Describes how to create a LinqConnect code for entities and DataContext manually.

    Extracting Data

    Describes how to extract data from the LinqConnect entities.

    Querying Across Relationships

    Demonstrates how to query data from several entities united with a relationship.

    Modifying and Saving Entities

    Demonstrates how to modify an entity and save the changes in the database.

    Application Specific Tutorials

    In this section you will find useful techniques on using LinqConnect for specific application kinds of applications.