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    Using Entity Developer
    In This Topic

    LinqConnect uses Entity Developer for designing models and generating code. Entity Developer is a powerful modelling and code generation tool, allowing you to design an entity model from scratch or reverse-engineer an existing database, in which case you will have the classes and the relations with just several clicks. The model is used to generate C# or Visual Basic code with flexible predefined code templates. You can also customize the templates to fit all your needs.

    This section describes basics of designing LinqConnect models with Entity Developer. The following topics describe creating DataContext for model, containing two entities for Company and Orders tables from the sample CRM_DEMO database. To know more about Entity Developer, you may visit our website or read its own documentation. To open the documentation, choose Entity Developer Documentation from the LinqConnect program group in the Start Menu or press F1 when Entity Developer window or dialog is active.

    Creating LinqConnect Model

    Describes how to create new LinqConnect Model.

    Creating Connection to the Database

    Describes how to create a database connection for a LinqConnect model.

    Reverse Engineering Model from Database

    Describes how to use the Create Model Wizard to generate model from the database.

    Generating Code for the Model

    Describes how to generate code for your model and use it in your Visual Studio project.