Using Roles in Security Manager

Roles are used to grant a set of privileges to a user at once, based on the work the user needs to carry out on the server, without checking each one in the list of available options. It is also possible to assign several roles to one user. Such approach simplifies the work of database administrators.

  1. On the Database menu, select Security Manager.

  2. Select a user account you want to modify in the left part of the Security Manager window.
  3. Go to the Role Members tab in the right part of the Security Manager window.
  4. Check the required roles. Note that some roles can include other roles. You can determine this by the status of the checkboxes near roles:

    Checked - checked. Privileges included in this role are added to the user privileges. Note that some roles can be checked, if the user already has the corresponding privileges.

    Checked Inactive - checked, but inactive. Some other role that is selected includes privileges of this role.

    Unchecked - unchecked. Privileges of this role are not granted to the user.