Generating DDL Statements for Database Objects

dbForge Studio for MySQL allows you to generate DDL statements for database objects, such as: tables, views, stored procedures and functions, and triggers. Using this feature you can make scripts for recreating database objects or object groups.

Generating Script

In Database Explorer, right-click an object you want to generate a script for (if you need to generate a script for multiple objects, select them with holding the CTRL key), point to Generate Script As and then to a required script type. Select the output option for the script: you can either open it in a new SQL window, or save it to a file or copy it to clipboard.


Scipt generation is also available in the Database Backup and Restore and Database Projects features.

Configuring Scipt Generation Options

To setup script generation options, on the Tools menu, click Options, and expand the Generate Schema Script node.

The Options window allows you to configure both, general script generation options, and options that are specific to the CRUD generation script.