SQL Complete is an add-in for SSMS and Microsoft Visual Studio, which delivers advanced IntelliSense-style SQL code autocompletion, smart code formatting, and refactoring. Additionally, it offers a T-SQL debugger and a number of productivity-enhancing features to boot.

To install this Devart product, you will need to do two things: download the installation file from our website and run it on your personal machine.

Download SQL Complete

To download the product, visit the Devart website. SQL Complete is available in Standard and Professional editions, as well as in a fully functioning trial version.

Most Devart tools for SQL Server are available as part of a bundle. You can select which individual products to install when you run the installer.

Install SQL Complete on your computer

1. Once you open the installer, you will see the Start Page of the wizard. Click Install to proceed.

SQL Complete Installation

2. Choose the directory to install the SQL Complete. Then, click Next.

SQL Complete Installation

3. In this step, you will be able to select the products you would like to integrate SQL Complete into: SQL Server Management Studio or/and Visual Studio. Click Next.

SQL Complete Installation

4. Now, you will see three startup optimization options. Read the brief descriptions that are available in the installer and choose the option that is the most appropriate in your particular case. Click Next, once done.

SQL Complete Installation

5. Finally, the installation process begins. The wizard will extract the files and perform the application startup optimization. Allow it a couple of minutes to finish.

SQL Complete Installation

6. You will be notified about the installation completion. To launch SQL Complete right away, make sure to put a tick into the corresponding checkbox. Then, click Finish to close the wizard.

SQL Complete Installation

7. After the installation, the SQL Complete menu appears on the MS SSMS and/or VS menu bar:

SQL Complete InstallationSQL Complete Installation

Now SQL Complete should be enabled by default. If you see Disable Code Completion in the menu, the add-in is all set. In case you will need to turn it on after disabling in the future, click Enable Code Completion.

The features of SQL Complete

To get a closer look at the key features of SQL Complete, refer to our Documentation: