SSMS main window and tab caption

You have an option to change or define your own naming pattern for the caption of the SSMS main window and SQL document tabs.

To access SSMS caption:

1. In the SQL Complete menu, select Options.

2. On the SSMS Caption tab, in SSMS Main Window Title and SSMS SQL Document Tab, define the naming of the templates.

3. Use Expression Builder Expression Builder to open the list of available parameters for the templates.

4. Optional: Select Adjust tab width by caption.

Options window


This option is available only in SSMS. It is not supported in Visual Studio.

SSMS window title and tab name placeholders

SQL Complete provides the following placeholders, which deliver multiple replacement points for the same parameter:

Placeholder Description
[] Group of literals. If literals are not available, the group won’t be shown.
$Database$ Current database name for the document.
$File$ File name.
$Project$ Current project name for the document.
$Server$ Current server name for the document.
$User$ Current user name for the document.
$IsModified$ The asterisk signals whether the document has been modified or not.