How to visualize data in Data Viewer

The Data Viewer editor displays data from the SSMS results grid in the Hexadecimal, Text, XML, HTML, Rich Text, PDF, JSON, Image, and Spatial file formats. It identifies a view automatically for corresponding data types. When you navigate through the columns of the results grid, the view automatically changes according to the data type for this column.

To access the Data Viewer, use one of the following options:

  • In the results grid, right-click the cell with the value and select Show Data Viewer.
  • Go to the SQL Complete menu and select Show Data Viewer.
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+D.

In the Data Viewer editor that opens, you can use the following controls:

Icon Name Description
Load Data button Load Data Copies and loads data from a source file.
Save Data button Save Data Saves data to the user’s computer.
Copy Entire Cell Value button Copy Entire Cell Value Copies the value of the entire cell.
Paste Entire Cell Value button Paste Entire Cell Value Pastes the value of the entire cell.
Cut Entire Cell Value button Cut Entire Cell Value Cuts the value of the entire cell.
Hexadecimal View button Hexadecimal View Displays data in the Hexadecimal file format.
Text View button Text View Displays data as text. When clicking Text View, the following controls are available:
- View White Space button View White Space: Displays white-space characters in the text.
- Word Wrap button Word Wrap: Removes the horizontal scrollbar, and lines of the text exceeding the width of the editor are automatically wrapped to the next line of the editor.
XML View button XML View Converts data into the XML file format.
HTML View button HTML View Displays data in the HTML file format.
Rich Text View button Rich Text View Converts text data into the Rich Text file format.
PDF View button PDF View Converts data into the PDF file format.
JSON View button JSON View Converts data into the JSON file format.
Image View button Image View Displays data as an image. When clicking Image View, the Fit Image control Fit Image button is displayed that can be used to fit the image in the view.
Spatial View button Spatial View - Geometry Displays data in the flat coordinate system.

For example, let’s visualize the data from the varbinary field of the LargePhoto column of the AdventureWorks database. The Data Viewer displays it as an Image view.

Data visualizer

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