Linking a Database to Plastic SCM and Other Systems

Source Control is a Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) add-in that is designed to manage database changes in most well-known version control systems. With the help of the tool, you can version-control database schemas and data, roll back unwanted changes, handle static data conflicts, and maintain the integrity of the database. The Source Control tool enables you to link your database to Plastic SCM, which is a cross-platform distributed version control tool. Plastic SCM can boast extensive functionality as it offers a command-line tool, native GUIs, diff and merge tool, and integration with several IDEs.

This topic explains how to link a database to Plastic SCM with preset config file and to other source control systems using editable template.

Before linking a database to Plastic CSM, ensure you have Plastic SCM client installed.

  1. In Object Explorer, right-click a database you want to link to source control.
  2. Point to Source Control, and then click Link database to source control… on the shortcut menu.

    Link DB to Source Control

    The Link Database To Source Control wizard opens.

  3. On the Link tab of the wizard, click ‘+’ in the Source control repository field.

    Link DB Wizard

    The Source Control Repository Properties dialog box opens.

  4. Select Command Line Interaction from the Source Control system drop-down list box.
  5. In Source control settings, specify:
    • Path to the Database folder.
    • Required Command line configuration preset from the drop-down list box:
      • To link a database to Plastic SCM, select Plastic SCM.
      • To link a database to another system, select Template, and then modify it accordingly in the Command line configuration box.
    • Specify Repository name.

    Link DB to Plastic SCM

  6. Click OK to close the Source Control Repository Properties dialog box.
  7. Select a database development model. For more information, refer to the Database Development Models topic.
  8. Click Link. If a database is linked to source control successfully, a database icon in Object Explorer will be changed to show that a database is linked.

    Linked DB