Setting generation options


It is recommended to back up the database you are going to populate before you generate the data. In this case, you will be able to adjust the settings and repeat the data generation if you are not satisfied with the results.

To generate data:

1. On the Standard toolbar, click New Data Generation. The Data Generator Properties wizard opens.

2. On the Connection tab, specify the connection, select a required database, and click Next.

3. On the Options tab, set the default data generation options.

Data Generator options tab

4. Click Open to open your data generation project. Here, you can specify the tables and columns that you want to populate by selecting the appropriate check boxes. Further, you can define data generation options for each column. To do this, click the column name in the tree view and specify the details in the settings pane on the left. All the changes are displayed in real-time.

Data Generator project

5. Click Populate data to the target database button Populate data to the target database to populate the database.

6. On the Output tab of the Data Population Wizard that opens, select one of the following options and then click Next.:

  • Open the data population script in the internal editor
  • Save the script to a file
  • Execute the data population script against the database

Data Population Wizard - Output

7. On the Options tab, configure the synchronization options, and then click Next.

Data Population Wizard - Options

8. On the Additional Scripts tab, type or select the script to be executed before and\or after data population.

9. (Optional) On the Summary tab, view Action plan and Warnings if any.

10. Click Generate to finish the process.