Project Build Overview

Building project is a complicated processing of project scripts which results in one ready-to-deploy result script or in several scripts with batch file.

At first, project script syntax is checked. If project scripts have syntax errors, the build is stopped.

If the declaration cannot be found, an error or warning is raised. Warning is raised in the following cases:

  • Database object from schema, other than project schema, is referenced, and this object cannot be found in the schema.
  • Unresolved reference is in the DROP statement.
  • User is referenced.

In all other cases an error is raised and build is stopped. You may enforce build to ignore errors by selecting the Ignore errors check box in the Build options.

After this, project scripts are processed according to build order. You may forbid applying Depending on build options, either single result SQL script is formed or batch script, calling SQL scripts is generated.


Project build will delete all SQL files having the same names as project files in the build output directory without user confirmation. dbForge Studio asks for confirmation before deleting any other SQL file. Non-SQL files in the build output directory are not affected by build. Build output path can be set in the Build options.