Comparing Schema and Project Peculiarities

Comparing a schema and a project differs from comparing two schemas. This topic describes these differences.

When determining comparison status of tables, not just CREATE TABLE statements in project scripts are taken into account, but ALTER TABLE statements which add constraints and indexes are also considered. If project scripts contain such statements, they will be displayed when comparing objects’ DDL.

Synchronization script for the project target will be the same as if a schema was the target. But if the target is a project, synchronization process is not the synchronization script execution. Synchronization performs the following:

  • If the object action is Drop, all CREATE, ALTER, and DROP statements for this object are removed from the project scripts. If some script files become empty, they may be deleted.
  • If the object action is Create, a new script file with object DDL is created and added to the project.
  • If the object action is Update, its CREATE statement is replaced with a new one.

When comparing two schemas, server version and some default server parameters (e.g. default table engine) are taken from the schema connections. For projects, they are taken from the project options.