Manipulating Database Object Shortcuts

dbForge Studio allows to add database object shortcuts to project for simplifying access to some database objects.

To add database object shortcut from the associated connection, you can either:

  • drag them from Database Explorer to Project Explorer
  • select **Add to Project ** on the shortcut menu of the object node in Database Explorer

If the project has no associated connection, database object connection will be assigned to project. Shortcut of database object can be added to the project only if this database object is from the connection, associated with the project.

Object editor can be opened by double-clicking the shortcut. You can also easily find the object in Database Explorer by right-clicking its shortcut in Project Explorer and selecting Find in Database Explorer on the shortcut menu.

To delete a shortcut from project, right-click it in Project Explorer and select Delete on the shortcut menu or select the shortcut in Project Explorer and press DELETE.