Project and Schema Synchronization Overview

With synchronization of schema and project you can perform incremental project deployment. That means, if you change your project after deploying it, you don’t need to redeploy the entire database or edit and apply the changes manually. You may compare schema and project and then synchronize schema with the project. Only necessary schema changes will be performed. You may preview these changes in the synchronization script. To quickly compare project with its schema in database, click the Synchronize <project> With Server button on the Project toolbar.

You also can synchronize a project with a schema. If you made changes to a database, and want to have them in project, you don’t need to re-import the whole project from a database, use the schema synchronization for it.

Project can be the source or the target in comparison (but not both of them at the same time). To compare schema with a project, you should open this project first. And when opening the comparison document with schema and project comparison, the project should be opened. Project is built automatically when comparing with a schema, so if the project contains errors and cannot be built, it cannot be compared with a schema.


When comparing project and schema, project build results are used for DDL comparison. If the file is not selected in the Build order, the objects from this file will not appear in the comparison. If you set MySQL version, that does not support some database objects from the project, in the Database options, unsupported objects will not appear in comparison, even if they are supported in the compared database.