Tab coloring

Tab coloring allows setting custom connection colors for SQL servers and databases that can be assigned to a specific environment for the user to quickly identify which connection a tab is currently using. SQL Complete helps easily label individual servers and databases with specific color codes. The tool highlight tabs as well as status bars of documents. Databases and connections are also highlighted in Object Explorer with vertical lines.

Coloring for servers

With SQL Complete, you can set a color for a server. It is a good way to separate, for instance, testing and production servers. You can assign a color to a server based on the environment you want associate it with: Development, Production, Sandbox, Testing, or None.

Servers coloring

Coloring for databases

It is easy to assign a color to an individual database, which delivers even better flexibility.

To set the tab color, use one of the following options:

  • In Object Explorer, right-click a database you want to assign a color and select SQL Complete > Tabs Color > the environment with the corresponding color. Here, you can choose between Development, Production, Sandbox, Testing, or None.
  • Right-click the SQL document tab and select Tabs Color > the environment with the corresponding color.

All tabs, SQL document status bar, and the database in Object Explorer will have the corresponding color.

To configure tab coloring options:

1. In the SQL Complete menu, select Options.

2. In the SQL Complete: Options window, switch to the Tabs Color.

3. Under Environment Categories, use the following options:

  • Change the server, database, or environment
  • Click New color match icon New Color Match to set a new environment category
  • Click Delete color match icon Delete Color Match to remove the environment category

4. Under Tabs Color, use the following options:

  • Set a new environment name or modify the existing one
  • Change or set up a custom color for the environment
  • Add Add environment or remove Remove environment the environment

In Options > Tabs Color > Environment Categories, you can use the asterisk wildcard character (*) to substitute one or more characters in the names of servers and/or databases. The bare asterisk in the Server and Database fields means that the environment category will be assigned to any server or database.

Tab coloring


Tab coloring and categories affect execution warnings.