Creating Review Without Reviewers

The option of creating reviews without specifying reviewers will be particularly useful for agile teams. It allows creating “hanging” reviews, in which any team member can join the review and review a code.

To enable the option:

  1. On the Review Assistant Toolbar, click Options.

  2. Navigate to the Projects tab and select Allow creating reviews without pre-defined reviewers.

    Creating review without reviewers


    This option is available only for the user with administrative privileges or the owner of the project.

  3. After enabling the option, the procedure of creating a review without reviewers is similar to that described in the Creating a Regular Review topic, except that specifying reviewers is optional.

    Adding reviewers is optional

All project members that have email notifications set to All events or Only when I’m involved in the New review field receive an email notification about a new review without reviewers.

Reviews with no reviewers appear under My Reviews and To Review filters for every project member.