Setting comparison options

You can use project options to configure the behavior of Data Compare.

When you create a new project, you should run the comparison with the default options, then review your comparison results. After you have reviewed your comparison results, you may want to consider changing some of the options. The options you set are saved for each project, and you can modify them on the Options tab of the New Data Comparison wizard.

New Data Comparison

Default options

If you want to make the current selection of options your defaults, click Save as my defaults. These options will be used for all new projects.

To restore your defaults after making changes, click My Defaults.


If you need to reset all the options to their original settings, click Devart defaults.

The default options are as follows:

  • Ignore spaces in object names
  • Ignore computed columns
  • Compare tables
  • Different records
  • Only in source records
  • Only in target records
  • Identical records

For convenience, options can be grouped.

Grouped comparison options

For each option, a detailed description is provided.

Option description

To search for an option, type search text in the Search box. The list is filtered to display only those options that contain the search text.

Search in options