Using Parameters

What is a Parameter?

Parameter is a placeholder for a variable that contains a value of some type that is passed to a database server along with the SQL text at the query execution time. Also, parameter can hold values returned by a server after a query or stored procedure execution.

You can benefit from parameters usage in the following situations:

  • When you execute a query multiple times with different input values

  • When you debug a query from your application code

Adding Parameters to a Query Text

There are two types of parameters, that you can add to a query text:

  • Named parameter
  • Positional parameter

Named Parameters

Parameters are declared using : prefix followed by a name of the parameter.

For example:

 where country_id = :par1;

:par1 is a parameter in this query.

Positional Parameters

When using positional $ parameter, you need to go for PREPARE and then EXECUTE statements.

For example:

PREPARE test (int) AS
 where country_id = $1;
EXECUTE test(1);

Modifying Parameter Values

To set parameter values, press Ctrl+Shift+P or click Edit Parameters on the SQL toolbar, or in the main menu. In the Edit Parameters dialog box, choose a parameter and set its value.