Tips for Working with Master-Detail Browser

This topic gives you some pieces of advice for working with Master-Detail Browser and describe the problems you may encounter when using this functionality.

Working with tables containing large amounts of data.

If you have a large table, but you don’t need to view all data from this table, you can set a fetch limit in the corresponding field under the diagram. In this case the application will not require as much memory as it would have required for fetching all data.

In case you want to view only data that answers some certain criteria, you can write a WHERE condition in the corresponding field under the diagram. In this case only data that satisfies this criteria will be displayed.

Problems that may occur when viewing data of related tables:

  • If a cycle in some table is found, then the “Cannot retrieve master-detail data. The cycle in table TableName was found.” error message is shown. In this case you won’t be able to view table data.
  • If there are tables not connected with any tables on the diagram, data of such tables won’t be displayed in the Data view.
  • Only relation of the Master-Detail-Detail-Detail-… kind can be processed in Master-Detail Browser. If the relation has a different scheme, data from the tables that escape the specified relation scheme will not be available in the Data view.