Sample Reports

There are sample reports demonstrating main concepts of creating reports in dbForge Studio for MySQL. This topic gives a brief overview of each sample.

All samples are based on dbForge Studio sample database Sakila. To view the sample reports you need to open the sample project installed with dbForge Studio in the “My Documents\dbForge Studio for MySQL\Projects" folder.

To open the Sakila project, in the top menu select File -> Open Project and open the Sakila.mydev file. The reports are situated in the Data Reports folder of the project tree displayed in the Project Explorer window. Double-click each sample icon to view the sample report.

Sample reports available in dbForge Studio:

Sample Description
ActorFilmLabelReport Shows how to create a label report. For a more convenient label report creation dbForge Studio provides Data Report Wizard, that provides a large amount of predefined label types and lets you edit some label properties when completing the steps of the wizard.
CrossTabCustomerPaymentReport Shows how create a cross-tab report. Demonstrates the PivotGrid control usage, shows how to bind it to a report’s or its own data source to display data in a matrix form. The sample shows the amount of money each customer spent during every month of a year, total sum each customer spent during this year, and the company gain for every month and for the whole year.
CustomerMailMergeReport Shows how to implement mail merge. For this embedded fields should be used. An embedded field is a name of a column placed in brackets ([ and ]) in the text of a control. Such field is recognized by the report builder automatically and the appropriate data values are inserted in the report when previewing or exporting it. Mail Merge allows to insert data of any kind (text, date, picture). Note that embedded fields can be used only with the Label, RichText, and CheckBox controls.
CustomerMasterDetailReport Shows how to create a master-detail report. For this, the DetailReport band instances are used.
The sample creates a master-detail report that represents data from the Sakila database. It consists of two levels of information on customers presented depending on countries and cities they live in.  
FilmTableReport Shows how to create a simple tabular report. Demonstrates the usage of the Table control instead of numerous labels. The Table control allows to draw a table and maintain its cells, text style, borders etc. at once. This sample creates a report with each film’s details.
MultiColumnReport Shows how to create a multi-column report. In this report, table cells are used to display customer information.
SakilaChartsReport Shows how to use Chart controls in a report. This sample contains comparison charts showing gains depending on the film category, store, etc.
SakilaFilmsCatalogReport Shows such features of dbForge Studio as grouping, using different report bands, and some other minor features. This sample contains a detailed film list grouped by categories.
StaticReport Shows how to use report controls, edit text in controls, add images to reports. This sample creates a simple static report.