Report Controls

This topic describes report controls, which are used to display various information in a report. There is the list of controls available in dbForge Studio for MySQL and some basic recommendations on their usage.

What is a Report Control?

A Report Control represents a specific report element (like text, picture, check box, etc.) which can be inserted into a report. Report controls can reside either inside report bands, or inside other report controls which may serve as control containers (like panel).

The appearance and behavior of a report control is defined by its type. See the section below to learn more about different report control types available in the current version of dbForge Studio.

Control Types

The table below represents report controls available in dbForge Studio:

Editing Report Controls

Report controls can be added to a report in different ways. For example, you may use one of the methods listed below:

  • Drag an appropriate item from the Toolbox window, and drop it onto a report.
  • Another way of adding report controls to a report is to use the Data Source window. When any data field is dragged and dropped onto a report, a new appropriate report control is added and automatically bound to the specified data field.