Execution Warnings

The Execution Warnings window allows you to choose whether you want to see warnings when executing DELETE, UPDATE, and TRUNCATE statements without the WHERE clause.

When showing the warnings window, the following information will be displayed:

  • Statement type (DELETE, UPDATE, TRUNCATE).
  • Object name that will be influenced by the command.
  • Row number in the executed script corresponding to the expression’s beginning.

  • The “Do Not Show Again” checkbox that disables notifications for the executed statement type.

The Execution Warnings window looks the following way:

Warning providers are supported on different levels - they include separate query analysis and the DML analysis of procedure, function, and trigger bodies. Document category and its specific notification rules are used when the script is checked.

Settings for Each Statement Type

To access the Execution Warnings settings, proceed with the following steps:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options. The Options dialog box opens.
  2. Navigate to Environment>Documents>Execution Warnings.
  3. To enable warnings for each statement type, select a checkbox for the corresponding environment. You can also go for the Any option to enable warnings for all the environment types.
  4. Specify the maximum size for the script analysis.

The Execution Warnings settings window looks the following way: