Grouping and Filtering Comparison Results

This topic explains how to group and filter comparison results in the result grid.


Schema comparison results can be grouped either by schema object type or by operation (as shown in the screenshot). To change grouping, right-click in the document grid and select Object Type or Operation on the Group By sub-menu of the shortcut menu. By default, comparison results are always grouped by one of these items.


Database objects can be filtered by status. You can select what objects to show: Different, Equal, Only in Source, Only in Target, Inconsistent, or Unknown. You can also filter objects by action to view excluded or included objects.

To filter objects, on the Compare toolbar, click the down arrow near the Filter button and select the corresponding option in the appeared menu. Any select filter criterion becomes framed in the menu to help you quickly identify what criterion is applied. You can select one and then another criterion to apply together, so several criteria can be applied at the same time.

To discard filtering, select All on the menu.