Server Connection Troubleshooting

If you encounter connection issues while working with Review Assistant, try the following steps:

On the server side:

  1. Make sure the Review Assistant service is not blocked by anti-virus, firewall or other applications.

  2. If you want to specify a custom URL for the client to server connection, go to:

      C:\ProgramData\Devart\Review Assistant\settings.xml
  3. Specify the new URL inside the URL tag .

  4. Restart Review Assistant service to apply the changes.

  5. In command prompt, run ‘netsh http show iplist’ and check that your IP listen list is empty or your IP is listed. Read more about adding or deleting entries.

On the client side:

  1. Go to Review Assistant Options -> Connection -> Review Server.

  2. Specify IP address of the PC where Review Assistant service is running in the format http://SERVER_URL:PORT/ReviewAssistant. By default, the service is running on port 85.

  3. Make sure that the Review Assistant connection to the server is not blocked by anti-virus, firewall or other applications.

  4. If you plan on using Review Assistance on a local network and also have a proxy connection, make sure the Bypass proxy server for local addresses option is checked in the proxy options (Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> Internet Options), and include your server URL in the Do not use proxy server for addresses beginning with field of the Advanced options.